SwiftKey beta si aggiorna alla versione 4.3

Swiftkey BetaLa migliore keyboard Android, in versione Beta, si aggiorna alla versione 4.3 ed introduce alcuni miglioramenti e correzioni, potete scaricarla gratuitamente da SwiftKey Beta free download link, sia dal PC che dal browser del vostro smartphone, changelog a seguire:

Changes in this version:

  • Candidate bar no longer disappears when switching to/from Bluetooth/hard keyboards
  • Candidate bar no longer covers text field when using Bluetooth/hard keyboard
  • Flow now works in the compact layout after reboot
  • Dvorak does display correctly in split mode
  • Dragging with two fingers in undocked thumb layout now works properly
  • Thai keyboard does show bottom row in email fields
  • Keystrokes saved statistic now works correctly
  • Heatmap is back
  • Added Bulgarian BDS, Svorak, Qwertz_Serbian, Armenian, Georgian, Russian Phonetic, Ukrainian and Farsi layouts

Known issues:

  • The following keyboards are currently unavailable: Arabic, Tamil, and Albanian and – you can still download these language models but you will not be able to slide the spacebar to show Arabic characters
  • If you have “show arrow keys” selected, they will only show when the keyboard is docked (not when it is floating)
  • Keyboard undocking will not work on devices running Gingerbread and Froyo. This is due to limitations in the OS, and we will not be able to resolve this
  • Some combinations of size and mode can resize beyond screen limit (so not all the keyboard will be shown)
  • Pitch theme sometimes shows a white background when flowing
  • Lag when opening Languages page of Settings menu
  • Force close when downloading a language pack after changing orientation
  • Predictions ribbon shown when sd card is removed
  • When a long press gives more than one possible character some of those characters may not be selectable
  • Space bar sound is the same as that for all other keys
  • The character on the currency key on the Korean layout ends up far too big when capitalized
  • Problems with the floating (undocked) thumb (split) keyboard:
  • 1 – Smart punctuation key shows different order and doesn’t allow to select the rightmost character (comma)
  • 2 – Only shows one pane on Sony Xperia ST21i
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