[App Android] Full Screen Pic – visualizzare immagini a schermo pieno

Screenshot_2013-08-09-10-42-08 Con Full Screen Pic avrete la possibilità di visualizzare qualunque immagine a schermo intero, senza vedere le odiose bande nere che solitamente visualizziamo con la galleria di default.

This application displays your photos enlarging them to the size of the screen.

In still camera photography, the most common aspect ratios are 4:3 and 3:2, closer to a square shape and suitable for printing.

However, many mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktop monitors and TVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10, closer to a rectangular shape and suitable for movies.

When 4:3 or 3:2 images are displayed on a 16:9 or 16:10 device, two stips are shown on the sides of the screen and the image remains smaller.

This App solves the problem by adapting by default the image to the size of the device.

Of course, the top and the bottom of the image are slightly cut, but in most cases this is not a big problem and you can however see the original image with a double tap.

If your device supports it, you can connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable and enjoy your pictures in Full Screen.

Of course, some mobile devices can be set to take pictures in 16:9 format, but this format is not suitable for printing and so this is not a good solution.


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