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Mireo GPS su Black Berry Z10

Grazie agli amici di Mireo abbiamo avuto l’occasione di testare l’omonimo navigatore per BB10 su strada, per quanto riguarda l’Italia utilizza mappe TomTom, di conseguenza una garanzia di precisione ed aggiornamenti. Buona visione.

Mireo DON’T PANIC for BlackBerry
Requirements and Features
BlackBerry requirements
■ BlackBerry 10 or higher
■ BlackBerry Z10
■ BlackBerry Playbook running BB 10 or higher

User Interface (UI)
■ Animated graphical user interface (GUI)
■ Full multi-touch/gesture display support
■ Multi-language and writing system user interface
■ Full support for local languages
■ User-friendly, simplified menus and workflows
■ Main menu and Search buttons instantly accessible in one click from
anywhere in the app
Textual Location Search
■ Free text address search
■ Search by addresses, POIs, cities, geo coordinates without any prefilter
■ foursquare venue browsing and “navigate to” function
■ POI search by name, category, address or any combination of these
■ Partial and mistyped inputs accepted
■ Search results suggestions as you type
■ Address search across multiple cities
■ Longitude/latitude search
■ Navigate to a postal code with full 7-digit UK and 4-digit Dutch postal
codes support
■ Full European postal code search and filtering
■ Instant map preview of found locations
■ Search integrated with user defined names of My Places (Favorites)
Route Options
■ Fastest/shortest route
■ Avoid highways/toll roads/unpaved roads/ferries options
■ Avoid local specific zones
■ Automatic rerouting
Turn-by-Turn Voice Instructions
■ Multi-language voice commands
■ Choose between female and male voice
Dashboard Information
■ Speedometer, for current GPS speed
■ Compass
■ Longitude and latitude displayed
■ GPS precision within 5 meters
■ Altimeter for current altitude
*All maps feature unlimited updates except the Greece map by GeoIntelligence.
■ Up-to date cartography data, from global and local providers
■ Maps in local languages
■ All purchased maps stored on the phone (on-board)
■ No Internet connection required for navigation
Available maps:
■ North America map 2012.9 v.1
Map of USA and Canada © 2012 TomTom.
■ Western Europe map 2012.9 v.1
Map of 22 Western European countries © 2012 TomTom.
■ Eastern Europe map 2012.9 v.1
Map of 19 Eastern European countries © 2012 Mireo and TomTom.
■ Benelux map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands © 2012 TomTom.
■ Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mireo) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina © 2012 Mireo.
■ Croatia (Mireo) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Croatia © 2012 Mireo.
■ British Isles map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Great Britain and Ireland © 2012 TomTom.
■ Bulgaria (MMCN) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Bulgaria © 2012 MMCN.
■ DACH map 2012.9 v.1
■ Map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland © 2012 TomTom.
■ France map 2012.9 v.1
Map of France © 2012 TomTom.
■ GCC and Egypt map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Egypt © 2012 TomTom.
■ Greece (GeoIntelligence) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Greece © 2012 GeoIntelligence.
■ Iberia map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Spain and Portugal © 2012 TomTom.
■ India (MapmyIndia) map 2012.12 v.1
Map of India © 2012 MapMyIndia.
■ India (MapmyIndia) Premium map 2012.12 v.1
Premium map of India © 2012 MapmyIndia.
■ Italy map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Italy © 2012 TomTom
■ Poland (Emapa) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Poland © 2012 Emapa.
■ Romania (Suncart) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Romania © 2012 Suncart.
■ Scandinavia map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland © 2012 TomTom.
■ Serbia & Montenegro (Contrast) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Serbia and Montenegro © 2012 Contrast.
■ Slovenia (Monolit) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Slovenia © 2012 Monolit.
■ Ukraine (CarteBlanche) map 2012.9 v.1
Map of Ukraine © 2012 CarteBlanche.
Live Traffic and Other In-app Items*
*All In-app items feature unlimited updates except the Greece Premium POI by
■ Lifetime Live Traffic subscription for 9 countries in Western
Europe © 2011 TomTom. (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), France,
Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Finland)
■ Lifetime Live Traffic subscription for North America © 2011
TomTom (USA and Canada)
■ Premium POI for Greece © 2012 GeoIntelligence.
■ Aljoša voice (Croatian) 2012.4 v.1
■ Doug Benson voice (English US) 2012.4 v.1
Content Handling and Updates
■ List of all installed content (maps, UI languages, voices)
■ Recover all or part of the content you’ve purchased for free, in case of
the accidental erasing or corrupted file
■ In-app check for updates to get the latest content
Map View UI Features
■ Instant map rendering for smooth operations
■ Full multi-touch gestures supported in map view – select, pan rotate,
zoom, all with your fingertips
■ Zoom in or out continuously
■ Choose between 2D map aerial view and 3D view with depth
perspective (real 3D)
■ Create custom map view presets
■ Map orientation to North or ahead
■ 3D Landmark models
■ Map shown in day or night mode, automatically adapting to the light
■ Portrait or landscape view, automatically switch
■ Select place on the map – view it’s address or coordinates, use it at
once in route planning
■ Current location finder, to place you on the map
Navigation Information
■ Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
■ Estimated Time to Destination (Count down)
■ Elapsed time since departure
■ Actual travel distance
■ Distance to destination
■ Distance to next turn
■ Lane assistant
Driving Alert Options
■ Speed Limit Alert
■ Speed Camera Alert in visible icon and audio alerts (where available)
■ Points of Interest (POIs) displayed along the route
■ TMC Traffic Alerts (live traffic, road works, weather reports where
available as a monthly subscription service)
■ You’ll need an active Internet data connection on your smart phone to
use TMC Live Traffic.
■ Maps and additional content available from the In-App Store
■ Pay for maps and content securely via BlackBerry App World
■ Browse all items in the Store before purchase, for full and accurate
information about content (description, price, file size)
Instant Navigation
■ Navigate from the current location to the point on the map, search
result, POI, foursquare venue or favorite place in one single step
■ Take Me Home option, for quick navigation to your home address from
your current GPS location
■ Fastest in the industry, completely new algorithms for the instant route
■ The whole route displays on the map, with route calculation and
detailed instructions
■ Set any location as start, destination or as via point (location points
between the start and destination)
■ Choose destination from the map, search
■ Choose destination from saved favorite places, foursquare venues,
addresses and POIs
■ Unlimited number of via points supported
■ Preview the route before the travel
■ Review list of detailed turn-by-turn textual directions
■ Save/view and re-use favorite routes
■ Last 99 destinations automatically saved
■ Avoid highways/toll roads/unpaved roads/ferries options
■ Detailed Trip log, also on map
Information Displayed on the Map
■ GPS signal strength – red color warning if the signal is absent
■ Current speed of your car is always shown
■ Speed Limit Alert (turn off and hide option available)
■ ETA and distance to destination (in Landscape mode only)
■ The clock, with current time
■ Battery level
■ Current street name
■ Next street name
■ Use other applications while the navigation works in the background
■ Navigation continues to work in the background during calls
■ The music volume fades when the navigation speaks instructions
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