[ROM AOSP Samsung Galaxy S2 2.3.4 XWKI4] The-GingerMOD V0.5 by 89luca89

Se amate le ROM pulite non potete fare a meno di provare la ROM di 89luca89, basata sull’ultima ROM 2.3.4 XWKI4 e “ripulita” dalla TouchWiz e dai programmi Samsung.


Kernel ninphetamine
Deodexed (Correctly–>GPU Browser Thx Brightidea/jesusfeke
Slimmed down! Only 208.1mb! (Stocks are over 370 )
AOSP Launcher 3d
AOSP Gallery 3d
AOSP Calendar

AOSP Clock
AOSP Calculator
AOSP Email
AOSP Music Player
AOSP File Manager
AOSP Sound Recorder
AOSP Live wallpapers
AOSP Keyboard (modded to be BIGGER!)
AOSP Sounds/notifications/Ringtones
AOSP Bootanimation/Bootsound
AOSP Terminal Emulator (useful )
AOSP Voice Dialer
Added Latest GTalk with video/sound chat enabled
Added CyanogenMOD Latest DSP Manager (Fully working )
Added AppWidgetPicked modded!
Added Ad blocking via hosts file
Added Stay awake option (under development)
Added install location app option (Internal/external/Auto)
Added Skip Music track with Volume rocker (in screen offmode)
Added 1%steps battery icons (based on AOSP ones)
THEMED Dialer (now AOSP THeme thx to LockedOn!!! )
Status Bar Power Widget 6 icons shortcut–> Thx LeoMar for the Mod
CRT OFF Effect
EdgeGlow Effect (both Thx to Rawat!)
Advanced Power Menu (thx bmarko82 Themed by Me!)
Camera MOD (for better quality THX Potatoman )
Browser MOD (with User Agent thx intronauta DEodexed by Me!)

Build.prop MODS:
Better UI handling
Better Data Handling
Tweaked memory Managing
Other Mods:
Fujutweaks-> Taken from Latest Honeycomb 3.1 build! (Smooth!!)
Sysctl.prop added –>>>MANY Tweaks for Memory and Resource managment!
Tweaked media_profiles.xml –>>> Better Camera Image Quality!!
Tweak Speed Memory card!
Zipalign @Boot on every /system and /data/app APK! (to have ALMWAYS the best!! :D)
Reduced Homescreen wapeup lag (Thx Oliwe!)
Introduced EFS Backup (thx Paul Modaco!)
Support for Td8f4 Tewaks included!(see his thread HERE for more infos!)
é basato su SpareParts compilato da sorgenti e include un fix per il BatteryHistory,
ora in GB invece di dare FC reindirizzerà al battery history (nel Settings!)
Poi ho messo la sezione Extra:
Switch Lockscreen Background (witch one in /sdcard/wallpaper)
Mount/Unmount NTFS Partition
Switch Bootanimation on the go!
ADS Blocking/Unlocking
Enable/Disable Stagefright Codec
Enable/Disable Bootsound
Enable/Disable Camera Sound
Calibrate your batery (Si riavvierà automaticamente!)
Poi ho aggiunto la (Da v0.5) [B] OTA UPDATER APP [/ B]:
vi permetterà di scaricare l’ultima GingerMOD
vi permetterà di scaricare gli ultimi pacchetti extra e (in futuro) Temi!
ti consente di applicare anche gli aggiornamenti già scaricati direttamente dall’ app!
Ho creato questo tool, ora ancora acerbo, ma crescerà insieme alla rom per rendervi la vita piu semplice 😀

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